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Computer Programming


Information Request Management System (IRMS) is a medical information solution used by Medical Information/Medical affairs team to provide health care professionals with accurate and up to date information on the approved drug. It is single source for Medical Information, Adverse Events or Product Complaints.  Medical Information Content Management allows multiple departments to generate, review and manage Medical Information materials.

IKCON PHARMA  provide staffing/services/solutions in implementing Information Request Management System (IRMS) solutions. We also provide services in managing Medical Library using EndNote software.Support implementation of the following key process areas/modules:

  • Medical Information Workflow

  • Medical Inquiries

  • Product Complaints

  • Custom Reponses

  • Integrations with CRM

  • Content Management

  • Document Workflow & Assignments

  • Notifications Management

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Contacts

  • Batch Processing

  • Print, Email or Fax Response Letters

  • Reporting (Standard, Custom)

  • Database Support

  • Representative Database/Territory Alignment

  • Shifts Management

  • Medical Library

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